Natalia Wiernik, The Lamb (2015), From the series Thanksgiving, 80x75 cm

Natalia Wiernick

Opening: 20. August 2016

Exhibition: 21.08.2016 - 09.10.2016

Street display, Stauffacherstrasse 119, 8004 Zurich


Baroque Room / Zentrum Karl der Grosse

18. August 2016 / 18:30

This summer, within the context of Manifesta 11, MigrationsMuseum Zürich dedicates its display to photography. 

We are pleased to present the project of the polish photographer Natalia Wiernik.

The issue of identity has become one of the most important subjects in my artistic work. The projects I present here investigate the relation between identity and memory.

Who we are is not only what we experienced but also how we remember those experiences – and remembering is creating. 

Over the course of time we build new layers upon the existing memories, we link them together and add new associations in the process that can be described as creating myths. Although the results – the myths – are different for each person, the creation itself is something we all, as human beings, have in common. 

The form of the pictures from these series is also connected with the topic of mythologization of our memories. They are supposed to be „nice“, generate what we usually feel, while trying to remember our favorite toys we played with as children, familiar places where we spent our time, or illustrated books we used to read. The recollections we have are enjoyable and pleasurable, but very often deceiving as well – especially when the myth we cherish turns out to be better than reality. 


Natalia Wiernik, Dress (2015), From the series Owned, 150x100cm