MigrationsMuseum Zürich 
The MigrationsMuseum
The MigrationsMuseum investigates the issues of identity, migration and perception related to artistic production and,at the same time, it is a wanderer exhibition space that, adapting itself every time on site/project-specific needs, assumes multiple shapes.
The museum represents both display and artwork.
This open character of MiMu encourages every kind of collaboration within the art field, the public space and the society.

MigrationsMuseum Zürich
Turbinenstrasse 54
8005 Zurich

Team MigrationsMuseum Zürich
Eleonora Stassi
Art Education
Magdalena Ostrokolska
Architecture & Migration
Velia Calevi

General Informations

Opening hours and location:
depending on the program

24hours Museum:
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Stauffacherstrasse 119
8004 Zürich