Francesca Sanna & The Journey

Opening: 17. November 2016 with Francesca Sanna
Exhibition: 17.11.2016 - 31.01.2016
Street display, Stauffacherstrasse 119, 8004 Zurich

An extremely beautiful tale told through the eyes of a family who need to uproot from their home and travel a long distance to find safety.

With Francesca Sanna, the Italian illustrator and graphic designer of The Journey, we will discover, though the powerful images of the book, one of those true stories of escape.

Francesca Sanna is an Italian illustrator and graphic designer who moved to Switzerland to follow her dream to work as an illustrator. She graduated in 2015 from the Lucerne School of Art and Design with a Master of Design with focus on Illustration. The Journey is her first picture book.





Natalia Wiernick

Opening: 20. August 2016

Exhibition: 21.08.2016 - 09.10.2016

Street display, Stauffacherstrasse 119, 8004 Zurich


Baroque Room / Zentrum Karl der Grosse

18. August 2016 / 18:30

The issue of identity has become one of the most important subjects in my artistic work. The projects I present here investigate the relation between identity and memory.

Who we are is not only what we experienced but also how we remember those experiences – and remembering is creating. 

Over the course of time we build new layers upon the existing memories, we link them together and add new associations in the process that can be described as creating myths. Although the results – the myths – are different for each person, the creation itself is something we all, as human beings, have in common. 

The form of the pictures from these series is also connected with the topic of mythologization of our memories. They are supposed to be „nice“, generate what we usually feel, while trying to remember our favorite toys we played with as children, familiar places where we spent our time, or illustrated books we used to read. The recollections we have are enjoyable and pleasurable, but very often deceiving as well – especially when the myth we cherish turns out to be better than reality. 
Natalia Wiernik, Dress (2015), From the series Owned, 150x100cm
Natalia Wiernik, The Lamb (2015), From the series Thanksgiving, 80x75 cm

Ali Al-Fatlawi & Wathiq Al-Ameri,
Performance art award, Lupsingen, BL, 2016.



Date: Friday 16th September, 2016 7pm
Doors open since 18:30 hs
Location: MigrationsMuseum Zürich, Turbinenstrasse 54, 8005 Zurich
Private location​


Giulia Mangione
Opening: 28.07.16 / 12-18h
Exhibition: 29.07.16 - 18.08.16
Street display, Stauffacherstrasse 119, 8004 Zurich
Through my photography I explore notions of nationality and identity within suburban and rural culture in Scandinavia. Danesland is a journey through Danish culture and society, travelling across small communities where life is tied to a tradition that is slowly fading away. It documents Danish rituals such as winter bathing, nudist campings, family celebrations, confirmation parties, Niels-Åge's 80th birthday and farming anniversary. Through small social units I challenge that elusive concept of national identity with a glimpse of humour.

A special thank to Magasinet CITAT.

Danesland, 2014-2016. Courtesy of the artist


 Patricia Mosquera, Mirror, 2016

Patricia Mosquera
The things they carried
Turbinenstrasse 54, 8005 Zurich
Outdoor Screening starts after sunset
10. Juni 2016 // 19 - 23h // 
1. Juli 2016 // 19 - 23h //

Permanent Exhibition: 11.06.16 - 17.07.16
Street display, Stauffacherstrasse 119, 8004 Zurich
The protagonists of the project The things they carried are objects found in borderlands recreated by Patricia Mosquera: pieces of clothing of which the labels were removed to delete any traces of the owner’s identity, sneakers with carpet on the soles to hide footprints, or pocket mirrors used to signal in case rescue is needed. Items which evoke stories and make us think about their political significance. Drawing on a collection of such objects, the video installation explores how they were perceived as an idea, how they were made, used and left behind. The things they carried is made out of narrated fragments of a story: the story of how three young boys return to speak about the journey they made some time ago. 
As the intimate planning of a journey starts at home, the video installation is then presented in the private setting of an apartment.

Maria Pomiansky
Emerald Fever, a city guide / Drawings on view
Shop display windows & Die blaue Ampel, Stauffacherstrasse 119, 8004 Zurich
Exhibition: 24.04.16 - 28.05.16
Maria Pomiansky
Tour&House exhibition, Turbinenstrasse 54, 8005 Zürich
In occasion of the exhibition “nächster Halt Toni”, Art Container (27.04.2016 - 26.05.2016)
27. April 2016 / 17 - 19h
26. Mai 2016 / 17 - 21h
“The world is now far too dangerous for anything less than utopia.” 
Richard Buckminster Fuller
In the context of the exhibition „nächster Halt Toni“ at Art Container, the MigrationsMuseum organizes a walk through the Züri West section ending at Turbinenstrasse 54 where an extra exhibition of Maria Pomianksy takes place.
Within the frame of a private flat, the paintings of the Russian artist carries inside the outside: the industrial portraits of no man’s architecture encounters the daily life of their missing inhabitants.

The personal circumstances of the setting and their external representation fulfill the field of possibility included in the hyper-urban contemporary utopia of the Zurich Kreis 5.

Social participation and involvement of the neighborhood are integral part of the exhibition as the development of new narratives and space of encounters beyond the limits of privacy.

Maria Pomiansky, View from the rooftop in Tony, 2015. Oil on canvas, 150/170

January - December 2015
I am a map - A project on Post Migration
Santiago Pérez Gallardo
Polina Chizhova
James Perry
Martin Boyer
Steven Anggrek
Menelaos Liondos
Rita Barracha
Julia Gogoleva
Stefano Massa
Stefano Benini
Lisa Pedicino
Katherine Patiño Miranda

February - March 2015
LAMETTA - Project space

20 February - Samuel Ngui, Graffiti Performance + Dario il Presidente
26 February - Yvonne Lanz, eine studie des ursprungs / a study on the origin
7 March - LAMETTA Basar
9 March - Knitting club 
12 - 15 March - LAMETTA Music Festival + Theatre Performance by DECOCOON

20 March 2015
International Dinner Party, 7 pm, Toni Areal, 8005 Zurich



31. Mai - 13. Juni 2015
I am a map #1 - A project on Post Migration, Shop display windows, Stauffacherstrasse 119, 8004 Zurich